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Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
superb sweet 18
Wanna play mind's game ? come on n try me !! i scared that u will gone crazy..
my angels has slipped aways
I scream .. U scream ..
Totally SINGLE :P
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i'm still strong !!
what i wanna tells its seem so hard for me to let it out~
so its better i keep's it with me..
what i wanna says is i have been so confius right now..
can i be a SINGER~
can i be an great ACTOR~
can i have lot's of MONEY~
can i have my dream CARS~
can i have a LOVERS~
can i have a HAPPY FAMILY~
can i have life's HAPPILLY ever after like's a story tales that tolds by an ancient folk's~

what i wanna says is~
i think's i better keep it to myself..
that's is should be..
its enough of playing n having funs..

its the time's for me to think's of my life's !!
think of my FUTURE !!
i still alive n i am STRONG enough to take this stupid fate's...

this is not any type of song lyric..
this is what am i thinkking right now...
n i just write it my my own style..

can i SCREAM n HOLD u for a second>?
tell me how i have to be a strong man's !!
tell me how i can do all these thing without a LOVERS..

thanx for this PUNNISMENT that u gave me !!
i'm not in a great condition right now..

as u know's...
i'm a good ACTOR'S n great in tell a LIE's...
i keep all these sadneess in my sufficattion of drunken souls...

( 12:59 AM ) yourname Saturday, April 16, 2011

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